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07/06/09 10:54 PM #6    

Kathryn Fiore (Bozzi)

Frank, that sounds like something out of the movie Grease.

Kathy Fiore Bozzi

07/13/09 09:55 PM #7    

Frank Apicella

It happened just before graduation some one had a new sports car and a lot of us climbed in and on it an drove all around the school. I don't remember who was there but I thought we were going to get in trouble there was a lot of us and it was during classes which we skiped P.S.Grease was tame compaired to us I even was on Connecticut Bandstand.and once dressed like a girl and was paraded on stage with a red mop on my head now who would ever do that

07/21/09 10:50 AM #8    

Doreen Beach (Jones)

You little devil you and here I thought you were so quiet! I don't remember any of this but sure wished I had a photo with your red wig and outfit on Bandstand

07/23/09 02:48 AM #9    

Frank Apicella

No I wasn't on bandstand with the mop wig it was our class show we did before graduation the bandstand show was on Christmas day that year I remember how stuck-up the regulars where anyone remember the Frog and raceing on the Park Way.the dances on thur day night PS I new I was going to get in trouble with this computer thing

07/30/09 07:59 PM #10    

Doreen Beach (Jones)

OK Frank so I got the place wrong. I'd still like to see a photo of that. LOL. Races on the parkway? Heck I just remember races on Dixwell Avenue.

08/02/09 09:48 AM #11    

Doreen Beach (Jones)

Loved seeing the survey. So far looks like only three interested in Golf. Glen mentioned we need more mixing time. Not sure which I had more fun at last time but I really enjoyed the cocktails on Friday night and really loved the brunch on Sunday for mixing. I found plenty of time for mixing at the dinner dance too last time (2000) I am so looking forward to going this next time especially at this age...while I can. Having been gone from home since 1984 there are so many things I have missed and find myself wanting to see so much.
I'm so happy Lonnie has set up this site. I've gotten to chat with quite a few and made new friendships and ignited old ones. Plus reading the profiles have learned what a lot of you have done and where you have disappeared to. It's been great. I love it when y'all have taken the time to post some photos too. All I can say is TG we get name tags.LOL.....This is going to be interesting.
hugs, Doreen

08/11/09 10:33 AM #12    

Kathryn Fiore (Bozzi)

Ditto on the name tags. I have been trying to find missing classmates on Facebook and comparing our yearbook photos to the the ones showing on Facebook. It aint easy!! So far not much luck. Any other suggestions?

01/24/10 09:59 AM #13    

Doreen Beach (Jones)

Gee I notice on our recent invitation nothing was mentioned about Sunday and having a brunch. I hope they are still considering having one as the one in 2000 was wonderful. I think I had more fun at it than at the reunion diner itself as we were all more relaxed and socialized a lot more. If none is planned I guess we could find a place and congregate with friends we meet up with the night before. I just thought it was the best touch of the weekend.

terrible memory as I can't remember the place we had it off of Dixwell behind where McDonalds was or is. Sigh! I can remember from 1960 but now Ha! Anyway it was nice and quaint something I miss down here in TN. We have "nothing" nice like that where I am. Sigh! I miss CT. and New England and all the quaint places.

I am so looking forward to this.
Hugs, Doreen

02/25/10 02:45 PM #14    

Rosemary Cole (Sette)

in response to Mr Appicella's comments. I was the person who had to go into the audience and bring people up on stage. The lamp shade hat was spectacular. You are all correct, we were BAD for our time. however, that was long before police and guns came to school. Those were the Good Times. We were lucky to grow up in such a nice town, we all Feared God, our teachers, and especially our parents. If we did something wrong, we knew it, and our parents knew it before we got home. No Cell phones, computer messages, or texting. Just plain old Ma Bell and the fact that when you got caught you paid the consequences, and if you talked back to your parents, you got slapped for it. They had no fear of us, or hurting our feelings. We knew where we stood. I believe that we were all Good Kids and we had a love amongst us that lasted all these years.

04/18/10 06:32 AM #15    

Doreen Beach (Jones)

Rosemary was right "Those were the Good Days" even our "bad" things wern't usually "Bad" but funny and it seems like our generation had the last of those times. Very sad.

Looking so forward to seeing Y'all next Friday and Saturday.

04/25/10 08:46 PM #16    

Barbara Picagli (Sundmacker)

Everything was terrific, certainly had a fantastic time, so incredible to see everyone, we might have to plan an annual reunion to keep the momentum going.  I can't believe it' s over already, Lonny so glad we have this web-site to keep everything going!!!!

04/26/10 09:36 AM #17    

Valerie Satula (Vasseur)

I'm am so sorry I missed the reuinion.  I was looking forward to it so much!  Unfortunately I landed in the emergency room on Tuesday with a stomach ailment and didn't get released until Sunday. I hope everyone had a wonderful time, and hope everyone stays in touch.  Please post any and all pictures.  Thanks Lonny for this wonderful website.  How long will it be available?  Love to all....Val

04/28/10 01:22 AM #18    

Raymond Burgarella

My wife and I just want to thank all on the committee for a wonderfully planned event. Being in the food and catering business I was very impressed with all that went into it right down to the chocolate thimbles for the cordials. I know all the effort that had to go into making it so special. Thanks to all again.

Ray and Joan Burgarella

04/28/10 02:33 PM #19    

Doreen Beach (Jones)

Wow what an awesome time. Thanks to all the commitee members you did GREAT. I was so thrilled to see friends from the past that I thought I'd lost forever and friends from the reunion in 2000 too.

I loaded a bunch of photos on my Photobucket site and am adding the link.


hope you can get to them. I also hope we keep this site going so we can keep in  touch.


Hugs to you all.


05/03/10 07:09 PM #20    

Joan Schecher (Kovi)

Hi  Doreen  I just want to thank you for all the great pictures.  You certainly put a lot of effort into getting so many pictures.  It was great and I think you did a great job.


Thank you  Joan Schecher Kovi

05/06/10 09:21 AM #21    

Doreen Beach (Jones)

Either click or cut and paste to your computer

Just to let you know I have no plans on taking my link to photobucket down.

If you click on a photo it will enlarge if you right click it will allow you to do a save as and you can make a file on your computer with the shots you want.  You can also just bookmark the site for your pleasure.


When I get time I'm going to see if I can find the shots from 2010 and add them to the album but not sure when as I have to do it in down because I have slow satelitte here.


I love you all and I'm thrilled to share these with you. If anyone has a problem you can e-mail me at

05/09/10 08:54 AM #22    

Georgene Keeley (McShane)

Hi Doreen,

  Your pictures of the reunion are great but since I was unable to make the 50th reunion I don't know the people in the pictures. Is it possible to add names? A very few people I might be able to make out who they are but most I can't. Hoping that you can add the names.

                     Sincerely, Georgene Keeley McShane


05/24/11 03:58 PM #23    


Dr. Michael A. Pace Jr.

I think that having a 51st is a great idea.  For us in Arizona, unless I had multiple reasons to fly to CT, I likely would not attend.


Michael Pace

01/01/13 03:30 PM #24    

Kathryn Fiore (Bozzi)

Dear Classmates,

I just got word that my cousin and our classmate Grace Landino Ivan passed away today, very peacefully at home.  She had been sick for a number of years but always handled her illness with strength and dignity.  I had tried to get her to come to our 50th Class Reunion but she just wasn't up to it at the time.  May she rest in peace.

Kathy Fiore Bozzi

08/22/19 11:24 AM #25    

Peter Snyder

Thanks for the great job you do with the web site. Many of us enjoy it although we may not express it.

05/21/21 03:57 PM #26    

Carol Ardito (Amato)

I  saddened to relay the news that Peter Barbieri, class of 1960 and our classmate, died on October 20, 1920! He was 78. He will be remembered for his wonderful piano performances and outstanding career as a musician and a writer. And, of course his dashing good looks!! He will be both missed and remembered by so many in his  past and present. 

Carol Ardito Amato



07/15/22 01:55 PM #27    


Carl Bretko

Is our HHS web site still active? Carl Bretko

07/16/22 02:17 PM #28    

Sally Davis

Hi Carl,

I hope so.  I just registered.


Sally Davis

HHS Class of 1960


07/16/22 05:23 PM #29    

David Carlson

Hi Carl

Welcome Sally

As far as I know the site is as active as it ever was, although it's been quiet lately. Maybe we're slowing down a little bit ...

I believe Lonny Gee is still webmaster ( he's done an EXCELLENT job! )

You can go to the home page and see what the latest profile updates are.

Any stirrings for a 65th reunion?

Best regards,

Dave Carlson

07/17/22 12:01 PM #30    


Carl Bretko

Thanks Dave. Welcome Sally. I've been out of the country for two months and probably missed a few notifications. Lonny did get back to me and all is well with the site. He's done a great job creating and managing  the HHS 60 site! Thanks Lonny!👍👍😎

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